Virtual Meetings for the Classroom

(Not the Boardroom)

Do your homework before you go virtual

As learning and student services go virtual, educators and institutions need an easy way to connect with students online. If you’re thinking about using a business tool like Zoom for academic advising or virtual classrooms, here’s what you need to know about how it works (or doesn’t work) for education.

ConexED Vs Zoom

Compare features for accessibility, privacy, & security

Like Zoom, ConexED delivers high-quality video conferencing for 1:1 and group sessions. Unlike Zoom, ConexED was built for education—with the tools you need to help students succeed. It’s 100% FERPA-compliant so you don’t have to worry about accessibility, privacy, and security.


HD Video & Audio

Clear video and audio for high-quality virtual meetings.

Session Recording

Students, advisors, and instructors can review archived video recordings.


A shared whiteboard for editing and annotation.

FERPA Compliance

Protections for student privacy, data security, and consent are built into the platform.

Online Scheduling

Students can self-schedule appointments online and departments can manage shared calendars.

Shared Virtual Lobby

Moderators can see who’s waiting, bring students into a virtual meeting, and send them back to the lobby.

Digital Signatures

The ability to sign documents electronically within the platform.

Document Library & Google Drive Integration

All the documents you need at your fingertips.

Document Editing

Share and edit documents right in the platform.

Intake/Registration Forms

The ability to capture meeting reason codes and other data with customizable forms.

Closed Captioning

Automatic closed captioning can be edited in real time for accuracy and reviewed in your meeting archive.

Screen Reader Compatible

Designed to work with all major screen readers.

Text to Speech

Can be turned on or off within the instant messaging feature and in virtual meetings.

Get a virtual platform built for education

Schedule a demo of ConexED to learn why students, instructors, and advisors need virtual tools for the classroom (not the boardroom).